Chocolate enthusiasts Magnus Johansson and Tony Olsson started the first Swedish chocolate festival at Nordiska museet in 2002. After visiting the festival in Paris 1994 Magnus Johansson decided, a few years later, to create something similar in Stockholm together with Tony Olsson. They chose the Nordiska museet with its cultural heritage as the perfect setting for the event. Ever since, the grand hall in the museum has become a meeting place for chocolate lovers during a weekend in the middle of October.

The programme for 15-16th October 2010 will include
– Traditional chocolate market where you can, among other things, buy and taste products. Patisseries, restaurants and chocolate suppliers exhibit their products in the museum’s main hall.
– On stage demonstrations of desserts, cakes and pralines and several international guest appearances.
– Chocolate competitions on stage – both for professionals and amateurs.

Opening hours
15th of October 10am – 8pm
16th of October 10am – 7pm
17th of October 10am – 6pm

Entrance fee
Adults SEK 120
Children from 6-18 SEK 60
Children under 6 free of charge.
Tickets on sale by Ticnet
Phone 0771-70 70 70.

Information, phone 08-519 547 70.

The Chocolate Festival is arranged by pastry chefs Magnus Johansson and Tony Olsson together with the Nordiska museet.