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Dark Chocolate and Roasted Banana Smoothie Pops for Kids

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Dark-Chocolate-Banana-Smoothy-PopDark chocolate is an awesome dessert ingredient because it’s sweet and chocolatey but also really healthy. Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients including fiber, magnesium, zinc, iron and antioxidants. Because of its nutrition value, dark chocolate is an excellent ingredient to use in healthy desserts for kids. There is no reason why dessert shouldn’t be healthy. One healthy dark chocolate dessert that kids will love are dark chocolate and roasted banana smoothie pops. These pops will take the place of their favorite frozen treats and give parents the opportunity to sneak in a few other nutritious ingredients including flax seed. After whipping up a batch of smoothies, pour the liquid into paper cups, insert sticks, freeze and voila, you have smoothie pops! Check out the foolproof recipe below.

Yields 6-8 pops (more…)

Neiman Marcus Offers Exclusive Desserts by The Dark Chocolate Bakery

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Neiman Marcus is adding 7 unique and exclusive Dark Chocolate Bakery desserts to their 2015 Holiday Catalog and Christmas Book as well as and Products will be available for sale beginning 9/15/2015.

These delicious cakes and pies, MOST pictured here, include our Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Apple Streusel Pie, Pumpkin Roll Cake available in both a pumpkin and vanilla filling, Chocolate Oblivion Cake, Coconut Bomb Cake, Lemon Cream Cake and our Tres Leches Con Dolce.

Exclusive to Neiman Marcus Chocolate OblivionTres Leche Con Dolce Exclusively at Neiman MarcusAvailable in Neiman Marcus Christmas Book '13





Lemon Cream Cake for dcb site

Apple Streusel Pie cropped for dcb siteStrawberry Rhubarb Pie for dcb site

Orange Infused Dark Chocolate Pudding Recipe for Kids

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Orange Infused Chocolate Pudding Recipe

Orange Infused Chocolate Pudding Recipe

Kids love dessert. They go crazy for it so why not treat them to something sweet after a long day at school? Every parent can benefit from having a back to school recipe on hand. Kids desserts are great because they are best kept simple which means less work for parents. Although true, kids desserts present an opportunity to develop a child’s palate. Orange infused dark chocolate pudding is an amazing back to school recipe that will do just that. It has a deep, rich chocolate flavor with bright pops of citrus throughout.

Serves 4 (more…)

Grilled Peach Pie with Dark Chocolate Drizzle Recipe for Labor Day

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Grilled Peach PieBefore summer comes to an end it is only right to fire up the grill one last time. Of course you can make burgers and grill some nice steaks but what about dessert? Grill recipes are not limited to copious amounts of meat. The grill can be used to make light, bright fruit desserts. One that is high on the list of grill recipes is the grilled peach pie with dark chocolate drizzle. It is one of those fruit desserts with depth and complexity that still maintains its simplicity. The best part is, making this peach pie is a cinch!

Serves 6-8


Labor Day Recipe for Dark Chocolate Strawberry Cake Pops

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Strawberry Shaped Dark Chocolate Cake Pops

When Labor Day rolls around and you plan to have a few people over, an easy recipe or two is always helpful. One Labor Day recipe that is sure to deliver in both taste and presentation are dark chocolate strawberry cake pops. This recipe will literally take the labor out of making an impressive Labor Day dessert. All this easy recipe requires is a little bake time, a cake pop pan, quality dark chocolate and some time. The final result is a Labor Day recipe that is an amplified version of chocolate covered strawberries. All you have to do is grab a pop and eat. (more…)

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