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Dark Chocolate Bakery’s Chocolate Origins

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Many people have asked me for a more detailed description of the origins of the chocolate used in our cakes. I hope you find it interesting.

Anillo del Fuego means the ring of fire along the Equator. The Pacific Ring of Fire or Circum-Pacific Belt is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and is characterized by concentrating some of the areas of subduction in the world, causing an intense seismic and volcanic areas covered. “Strung around the world along the Equator (between 20ºN to 20ºS parallels of latitude), cacao growing regions lie in a ring of fire (anillo del fuego in Spanish).

Sur del Lago – Sur del Lago is one of the oldest and most interesting cacao growing regions in the world. Located in the tropical lowlands south and west of Lake Maracaibo in northwestern Venezuela, Sur del Lago offers cacao growers ideal conditions for growing high quality cacao – tall shade trees, tropical heat and ample water.