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All About Scharffen Berger Chocolate

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So much of chocolate making history begins in Lyon, France and Scharffen Berger is no exception.

The Dark Chocolate Bakery uses Scharffen Berger’s professional 70% and 99% bittersweet baking chocolate. Scharffen Berger’s exceptional, artisan chocolate with its rich and pure complexity, offers upfront notes of ripe raspberry and cherry that melts smoothly into rounder date and cinnamon flavors.

The Scharffenberger name comes from co-founder John Scharffenberger and his retired physician named Dr. Robert Steinberg.

In 1989, Steinberg was diagnosed with cancer and given a 50% chance of dying within ten years of the diagnosis.[1] Steinberg promptly sold his practice and began exploring other career options.[1] he read through a 600 page chocolate cookbook at the urging of a friend, which sparked Steinberg’s interest in chocolate making.[1] He began traveling to study the process of chocolate making which led him to Lyon, France where Steinberg toured the Bernachon chocolate company in 1993. (more…)