Holiday Sale! Free Local Cake & Desserts Delivery to Dallas and Select Surrounding Suburbs.

  • chocolate-mousse-cake-same-day-cake-delivery-dallas-2
    Servings: 6 Size: 3″ Dia. ea This silky chocolate mousse chocolate bombe cake is filled with chocolate mousse with creme in the middle covered in dark chocolate ganache and decorated with golden chards of chocolate. Make an impression at dinner parties, special events, birthdays and for gifts. We delivery for free throughout Dallas and surrounding suburbs and ship nationwide during the holidays.  
  • Qty:  Box of 6 Size: 3” ea A little something for everyone! This month’s mini cake assortment includes our current flavors in season.  Carrot Cake, Italian Cream Cake, Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Bombe', Raspberry Buttercream, Chocolate Truffle cake, Chocolate Tarts, and Vanilla and Chocolate Petit Fours. Our mini cakes are perfect for dinner parties, special events, birthdays and gifts.
  • flourless-gluten-free-same-day-cake-delivery-dallas-tx
    Servings: 6 Size:  2.5″ Square. ea This is where we began over two years ago. Our Signature Flourless Truffle Cake is an extremely moist flourless cake made with 70% Valrhona and then finished with a 70% bittersweet Valrhona ganache. We offer free cake delivery in Dallas and throughout Texas. Decorated with chocolate drizzle and golden chocolate chards Make an impression at dinner parties, special events, birthdays and for gifts. We ship nationwide. Valrhona is a French chocolate manufacturer based in the small town of Tain L'Hermitage in Hermitage, a wine-growing district near Lyon, France. The company was founded in 1922 (1) by a French pastry chef, Monsieur Guironnet. Valrhona produces vintage chocolate made from beans of a single year's harvest from a specific plantation, primarily the Grand Crus which is grown in South America, the Oceania and the Caribbean.


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