Saw this article in Health and Fitness and thought I needed to share.

08.10.2010 | Author: Natasha Ochs | Posted in Health-and-Fitness

You may want to start looking at the GOOD side effects of a natural mood enhancer, instead of the long list of BAD side effects of a ” happy pill” Chocolate could be you answer, however not all chocolates are created equal. Xocai Healthy Chocolate Dark Chocolate has several components in it that promote positive mood changes in the brain.

Antioxidants that are plant based are called Flavanols, which are found cacao. Free radicals in your body are the leading cause to ageing, sleep deprivation, inflammation and fatigue. Science studies are showing that our modern day diets are far from having enough antioxidants in it, and that cacao has the highest amount of antioxidants that we need to help battle some of these common problems. The flavanols in the healthy chocolate boosts blood flow to certain areas of the brain in about 2-3 hours after consuming it, which not only help your body resist cell damage but also optimize performance in certain tasks due to the increased alertness by digesting more of these flavanols.