We receive many questions regarding HOW our cakes are shipped to insure they are received in one beautiful piece. Many of our competitors have their cakes delivered using gel packs. Others, like us, use dry ice. Here are the comparisons.

Gel Pak Pros:

1. Gel packs can be frozen and added to the cake delivery boxShipping with Gel Packs2. They are cost effective.

3. Gel Packs do not require a dangerous goods warning label.

4. They can be stored in your freezer.

Gel Pak Cons:

1.  They can often leak or ooze.

2. They take up room in your limited amount of freezer space.

3. They don’t keep the cakes frozen, but cold during the cake delivery time. The cakes actually defrost, and during this period of time is usually when the cakes integrity can be compromised.

Dry Ice Pros:

1. Dry ice keeps the cake frozen, when the correct amount of dry ice is used for the cake delivery.

2. It can often cost less than gel paks, dependent upon the volume used during the season.Cake Delivery with dry ice

3. Valuable freezer space is free to be used to store product.

Dry Ice Cons:

1. When shipping with Fedex, you must used a Dry Ice label and indicate dry ice is in the box on the shipping label itself.

2. Shipping does cost more, because the cake delivery box  has dry ice in it.

3. You can not store dry ice in your freezer.

4. When shipping cakes with dry ice, you don’t save money shipping 2-day, because the shipment requires more dry ice adding to the weight and thus cost.