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… and life is grand

Welcome to The Dark Chocolate Bakery. We have been carefully developing a variety of dark chocolate mini cake recipes for over 2 years now! Our  little taste of wonders have been perfected to deliver unique textures, flavors and beauty to any table! We began first with the arduous task of choosing which dark chocolate would compliment our entremets. Our chocolate induced comas began with tasting some of the finest dark chocolate  available around the world, but the ones that made the cut had to mix perfectly with our gelees, mousses, bavarians and ganaches. Now don’t forget, we weren’t testing to make bon bons, but to make a variety of  dark chocolate cakes.

Tasting a fine chocolate is like tasting a fine wine. If you’d like to learn more about the fine art of chocolate tasting, please buy Discover Chocolate by Clay Gordon.

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